Friday, January 4, 2013

Eric Clapton

I started this drawing the night before and spent most of the day coloring it with my copic markers. I am trying to stick to this daily drawing thing which is working out mostly, but the I still think I need to be faster.

What's there to say about this, I love Eric Clapton, he's an awesome musician and one of the guys who really got me into blues music besides, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, and Led Zeppelin. Previously I've mainly drawn straight on portraits but one meaning of doing these daily drawings are to to find alternate ways to draw, alternate subjects and viewpoints. So I did a torso shot, with color.

I'm not going to upload a process like I did with the Swanson, but I think looking I that, you can see how I got this. Anyway, thinking about what to do tomorrow....

Daily sketch

Many of my drawings have been portraits and while that's is all well and good I believe as someone trying to do narrative drawings I should do more of those.

Happy New Year Hulk

I wanted to take the opportunity to use my copics again and make another Superhero drawing